Thursday, August 28, 2008

Gracie's First Day of Kindergarten

Gracie was very excited about Kindergarten. She goes to Mrs. Janene Monroe's afternoon class. I took her into the classroom the first day and she was very comfortable. I told her goodbye when I was leaving and it didn't even phase her. Little does she know, it definitely phased me. My oldest child is 5 and in KINDERGARTEN. I can hardly believe it. My eyes watered as I walked out of the school. She is such a big girl.

Before school started we talked to Gracie about getting a blessing from her dad. She was not interested. Finally over the weekend, after her first week of school, we talked about how ALL of us could get a blessing from Dad. Gracie was a lot more willing to get one after she knew I would get one first. Ellie and Addie also received blessings from Dad. It was a great experience in our home. Gracie even said "I kind of feel warm inside, I think that is the Holy Ghost." (Requoted by Gracie sitting right here by me.) It is fun to see her recognizing different feelings inside.

Gracie is such a great help. She is a great big sister and enjoys helping her younger sisters. She really is a blessing in our family. Her heart is so close to the Spirit. She tries hard to do what is right. She is quick to offer a prayer if she is scared or hurt or has lost something, etc. She is a great example, even to me. We have been taking our next door neighbor, Austyn, to church with us because Gracie wanted to invite her to church last winter. Gracie is very good at making her bed and emptying the utensil tray from the dishwasher. She is eager to do extra chores around the house to earn quarters. (She has to empty utensils and make her bed before she can do anything to earn money.) She says she wants to save her money for a pink 4-wheeler. Thanks for being you, I love you Gracie!

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