Monday, September 15, 2008

Three Little Girls

I sure am thankful for my "three little girls". My dad has called me "three little girls" since I was little because I have three names, Lorna Jayne Emma. He has pointed out to me what an interesting similarity it is that I have three girls of my own. I sure enjoy them all!

Adorable Addie at 16 months

I am finally blogging about Addie! She has been struggling with molars coming in over the last few weeks. Her bottom two are in, and the top two are still working their way through. Teething with molars sure are a bummer. I really don't remember the other two girls having such a hard time. I wouldn't be a happy camper if I was in pain and uncomfortable, either. She really is wanting to be held almost constantly, I'm trying to enjoy holding her, sometimes it gets a little tricky when someone else wants to be held or a meal needs made. I do enjoy her hugs and snuggles.

She is such a girl. It really makes me laugh at how quickly my girls have picked up on "girl stuff." Addie is almost always found holding a purse, a phone, a doll or any combination of the three. That is a phone in her right hand.

When Addie is really excited she will make a vibrato sound with her voice. It is hilarious! We love it. We have been able to get her to do it by asking her what sound a horse makes and mimicking a "neigh". Once again we are laughing!

Addie is our little cleaner! She loves to grab a dryer sheet as I am folding clothes and wipe the floor. It is so cute. It makes me feel good, maybe she really does notice I clean. She is also good to pick up toys. She loves to help when we sing the "Clean up, clean up" song.

The girls really are creative and enjoy playing together. The girls figured out that they could pull Addie around on a blanket. It was quite entertaining. I'm sure Grandma Carol would be cringing if she had seen it, she crocheted this afghan, it is getting used in various ways!

Addie is creative on her own. She likes to cover herself with a blanket and walk around. Sunday night we were calling her the "Ghost". She was loving the laughter she created. She really is a joy!

Ellie, being the big sister, really likes to help Addie. Sometimes it creates a problem, such as: crying, bumps, bruises, etc. But Ellie does have a big heart for her sister.

Gracie is a great helper with Addie. She can get Addie out of the crib. She is always watching out for Addie. Gracie has been good to help feed Addie on occasion. They have a great relationship. Gracie asks Addie to say a word, and Addie does it. Only recently will she do it for me too! It is sure cute to see Addie sign. She is not signing near as much as the other girls (my fault) but we are still able to understand what she wants most of the time.

The Softball Jinx

Okay, so after blogging about how I can usually get on base I played horribly the night of our final playoffs. We were playing for the top three spots of our league, which meant we could play up to three games on Tuesday night if we kept winning. Well, we kept winning but no thanks to me. We ended up losing the last game in the last inning by one run. It was kind of a bummer but only having 9 players throughout play-offs I felt our team did awesome (you are allowed 10 people on the field). I really didn't help out much, but it was still fun to play. I am glad I had the chance! Bart, of course did a great job. He is quite the athlete. And no, his shirt was not two-toned gray. That is three games worth of sweat and a little bit of rain.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

My Softball Pro

Bart really is a softball pro. It has been so fun to be on a co-ed softball team with him. I usually play catcher, so I get to hear a lot of comments from the other teams and fans as Bart catches ball after ball in left field. He is an awesome hitter too! He really is an all-around athlete. I am amazed that he can be so good at just about anything he tries. (Snow skiing is the only thing he struggled with since I've known him. I think if he gave it a second try he'd be flying, in control, down the mountain.) It is fun for me to be a part of things that he enjoys, not just as a spectator.

At the beginning of the co-ed season a couple of ladies were commenting on how decked out I was with all the softball stuff. I replied that for my first birthday after Bart and I got married, he showered me with: a softball bat, cleats, batting gloves, left-handed mitt, and a bag to put it all in. He was serious about wanting me to play with him. I have to admit when I first received it, my initial reaction was not sheer enthusiasm, but I am SO glad he gave them to me. He is a really good coach to me. He is very encouraging and always makes me feel like I am the best girl player out there (even though I am not). The only asset I bring to our team is my speed. Which really is nothing compared to a guy. But I can usually get on base. It has been fun to hear the guys in the league comment on how fast I am as I run the bases. I owe it all to training for the Half Marathon that we ran a couple of weeks ago.