Sunday, October 19, 2008

The 5K and Why I Run!

September 27th was Fillmore's first annual Apple Fest. The morning started off with a Harvest Day 5K (3.1 miles). I continued running after the half marathon in August specifically for this race. I had been asked (or told :) )to be on the race committee so I began telling everyone I knew about the race and to start training. I was talking to friends that started training for this race. They were telling me the times they wanted to run the race. I did not do strength training like I had intented to before this race so I was feeling a little worried, I began thinking, "I have got to have a great run. They know that I am running regularly, I've run in a couple races, people are expecting me to run fast." (Side note: People were shocked that Bart ran the Half Marathon faster than I did, so I felt like I needed to show Bart up :) )

There were right around 100 people running/walking the race. Bart gladly volunteered to watch the girls (he has been recovering from various ailments that were brought on by the Half). I started out the race winded and hurting but I still pushed through. Bart and the girls set up a spectator spot at about the 1 mile mark, I seriously got teary-eyed as I saw them. It was the fact that they were excited to see me (and all the other people they knew) running. It really gave me a boost! Bart and the girls were also at the finish line, Bart told me that I was the second girl to cross the finish line next to the high school track star! I was so pumped. My time was 25:16!!!! (That's an 8 minute 11 second mile.) I was thrilled! I will take second place to the track star any day!!!! I am almost double her age. That was a fun accomplishment for me! It was great to see my family at the end too. I sure have a cute family in my opinion! This was a really fun race because I was running with a lot of people I knew.

I enjoy running so much in these races because it is a measurable goal. I can work towards the goal, train, track my progress, and run the race. In the beginning my goal was to finish the Salt Lake Marathon, I did it June 2006. The unintentional end results included: a closer relationship with the Lord, gratitude for EVERYTHING, confidence in doing things that I never would have guessed I could do (ANYONE can run if you really want to put the time and energy into it), slimming down without that being my focus, and just feeling in good physical and mental health.

As a wife, mother, homemaker, etc. things are not measurable on an "I'm improving" kind of basis. There is always more laundry, dishes, meals, cleaning, and spiritual improvement to be done. I love my family and I want to take care of them, however, sometimes you need something just for YOU! I needed something just for me, that is why almost 3 years ago I started training for the Salt Lake Marathon. So if you are looking for something to improve YOU think about running. I wouldn't start with a Marathon as a goal as a beginner, maybe a 5K, but a marathon is an incredible goal to attain. Elder Ballard in April 2008 General Conference talked lessening what we do, but making time to do something that we enjoy to enrich our lives. Exercise is my thing right now. I am thankful for a healthy body!


Melissa said...

Lorna-That is beautiful. Well said/wrtiten!=) Awesome job on your 5k time. Seriously that was great!

KBlack said...

That's awesome. I have taken to running too and can't believe what it's done for me. I'm not anywhere near anything more then a 5K but am running for a goal again. You look great.