Sunday, October 19, 2008

Soccer Sweetie!

This is Gracie's first year of playing soccer. Gracie is doing very well. The season is almost over, it took a few times for her to get used to the game and all the constant running, but she is doing great. The first game, she chose to sit out at the beginning. She was a little worried so she said a little prayer and shortly after was brave enough to handle the game. She is a great example of stopping to pray! She has made a few goals throughout the season and it has gotten her really excited about playing. One of the goals that Gracie made Friday night made me laugh. She kicked the ball in, turned around to look at Bart and me. We cheered wildly and THEN she began to cheer. It was SO darling! What an awesome feeling to have my daughter care what I think and want to make me pleased with what she is doing.

Thinking about Gracie looking for our recognition, gave me some perspective. She is wanting to make sure we are watching. Sometimes my thoughts and prayers probably sound that same way, "Are you watching?" or "Wasn't that cool?"or "Are you sure I can handle this?" What a blessing it is to have a Heavenly Father who is watching me and each one of us. He is wanting to see us succeed and willing to give us aid when needed. I have felt His love and support throughout this week. I appreciate feeling the Spirit, it is incredible to feel it and know what you are feeling!

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Eli & Mandy said...

Yea for Gracie! We had no idea that she was playing soccer this year. We're so proud of you Gracie! We love and miss you!