Monday, December 1, 2008

I am Thankful for:

This is in no particular order, just typing randomly:
(WARNING: this really is quite long)

  1. Bart. He really is a great match for me. Sometimes I am amazed at how he knows the right thing to say. He is so helpful. He is a great support.
  2. Three sweet girls
  3. Our house!
  4. Our van that is PAID for!
  5. heat
  6. a fire in the fire place
  7. a good book
  8. the Friend and Ensign
  9. a stash of food storage
  10. My testimony
  11. knowledge about the gospel of Jesus Christ, He lives!
  12. laptop, with wireless internet access
  13. reading with my girls
  14. treats, usually including chocolate
  15. a gourmet meal made by Bart, he is a GREAT chef!
  16. Prayer and knowing Father is listening
  17. the promptings of the Spirit
  18. Inner Peace
  19. Music, a variety
  20. various forms of entertainment, ie watching the girls dance around the front room, a great play, movie, etc
  21. my Mom, she has taught me a lot about developing good habits.
  22. my Dad, who taught me to work for what I have, and pay with cash.
  23. my great siblings, spouses, and nephews and nieces; I appreciate their various examples
  24. Bart's parents, they are so HELPFUL. It is sure a blessing living close to them. They are awesome grandparents! They are always happy to have the girls! They definitely like the girls more than they like us!
  25. Bart's bros and spouses, and nieces and nephew. It's fun to have Luke and Julie's family close.
  26. a great heritage
  27. NO student loans, now only appreciating asset debt (real estate)! This barely happened in June!
  28. great examples all around the community
  29. a LIVING prophet, President Thomas S. Monson and the brethren that serve with him. I love listening to he and the others in General Conference. I'm EXCITED for the Christmas devotional on Sunday.
  30. a small town where you know most people. It really is a blessing.
  31. Lights
  32. My vision
  33. hearing, and of course, the technology to make hearing aids for Bart
  34. the use of my hands and feet
  35. a healthy body
  36. Great extended family on both sides, including our girls's only living great-grandparents, Bart's Grandma and Grandpa Turner. They have been great examples for us, in many aspects: religiously, living the retirement life, relationships with their family, etc.
  37. Stars out at night
  38. Playing games, I'm a GAMER, it's true!
  39. Sleep. I sure appreciate a good solid night's sleep and even a nap some days!
  40. Being warm and cozy watching a rain storm, the smell of rain is awesome!
  41. Sense of smell
  42. The feel of soft green grass
  43. Snow. I love a fresh fallen snow when nothing has disturbed the beauty.
  44. Taste buds, I love good food!
  45. Cell phones, I feel much safer traveling with one

The list really could go on and on...but I'll end for now!


koby said...

Hey Lorna, I found your blog! It looks like you are doing wonderful. You have such a cute family.

Julie said...

You are so awesome! You inspire me to be more grateful and just be a better person! Of course it's awesome having us around (j/k)!!!