Sunday, December 20, 2009

Merry Christmas!

I am thoroughly enjoying this Christmas Spirit! Two experiences have helped me really enjoy this season.

#1: We had a really neat opportunity to speak in Sacrament meeting as a family last Sunday. We have not been asked to speak as a family since we moved into the ward almost 6 years ago. It was great to be able to have Christ as the topic! Ellie and Gracie each gave a talk about how we give gifts to Jesus by doing things for other people. It was cute to help them write their own talks, they gave me their own thoughts. Ellie was so brave to go first, she "read" her talk with the pictures we had drawn. Gracie read hers really well, also. They both were excited to bear their testimonies. They also sang "Samuel Tells of the Baby Jesus." Earlier in the week they were singing it like crazy. I chose that song because they had already learned it in Primary and knew it so well (we were asked on really short notice, Wednesday night). Well, come to find out, Gracie had picked it out of the Children's Songbook to sing (they hadn't learned it in Primary), over the course of us singing it, Ellie learned it quickly. They thoroughly enjoyed participating in Sacrament meeting. Bart and I both spoke as well, however, the girls, of course, were the highlight.


Monday night, Branson got to be baby Jesus for a Live Nativity in our community. He was with "Mary and Joseph" for three hours in many layers and with a heater and heat lamp. I was thrilled with who Mary and Joseph were and felt very comfortable in handing him over. My family (with Luke, Julie, cousins and Grandma and Grandpa Adams) went through towards the beginning. My girls were excited to see Branson as we went through. Ellie said baby Jesus was her favorite part, I had to agree! I returned towards the end to wait for Branson until he was finished. It was really special for our family to share Branson with the community. Everyone said he was a really good baby, very content. I prayed many prayers that he would add to the spirit of the evening. He did awesome!

I know that these were two experiences Heavenly Father intentionally gave me. I have felt His love and the love of the Savior. I know Jesus lives! He is my Savior, the Savior of all the world! He was born as a babe in a manger, lived his life teaching and serving, then suffered and died for me and you, and has been resurrected so we can have eternal life with our families.

May the Spirit of Christ be in your heart this week as you celebrate Christmas with your families! Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 7, 2009

We Need Help With Fam Picts!

We got fam picts recently. The picts are posted on a blog, if we get 20 comments we get a free 11X14, will you go check it out and drop a line, please? Thanks for your help!, scroll down, we are almost at the bottom.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

What are you thankful for?

"Books," exclaimed Ellie, age 4.
"Jesus Christ," stated Addie, age 2.
"A toilet," with a smirk from Gracie, age 6, running to the bathroom.

We have been talking a lot about what we are thankful for over the last week. We've been writing what we are thankful for on slips of paper and putting them in a toy/decor turkey. Monday's Family Home Evening was about all the things we can be thankful for. Today, I asked out of the blue, "What are you thankful for?" and these were their cute responses!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Update

We are plugging along at our house. It seems we have only had one week of good health since school started. Branson is five months old today! He is growing like crazy. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet fella! The girls are loving their little brother.

Life is busy. I feel like I am treading water with the household responsibilities. Finding time to blog is getting harder and harder.

I am enjoying the tender mercies! The other day Gracie came home from school while everyone else was still sleeping. We just talked. I really enjoyed being able to focus on her. I kept thinking "this is fun. This is what it is all about!" I loved that time we spent together. I truly love being a wife and a mother! I am so thankful for my life. I appreciate Bart's love and support with the responsibilities I have. I love each of my children and I am so thankful for the sweetness each adds to our family.

Ellie LOVES to do puzzles ALL of the time! I enjoy helping her when possible. Two year old Addie tries to help out but isn't as much help as she'd like to be.

While I was nursing Branson (notice the bundle in my lap), I noticed everyone was climbing up on the chair while I read. It was a sweet experience. There are such sweet experiences as a mother!

We went to Logan in September for Ag Day with my family. The girls were excited about the suitcases as I was getting prepared to pack.

Addie in the small suitcase
Ellie in the large suitcase!

Cousin Charlotte, Aunt Erica, Gracie, Mom, Ellie, and Branson


Branson sucking his thumb. It doesn't happen much, but it was sure sweet when I noticed!
Gracie insists on tormenting him with girl stuff. She did his hair in yellow hair things, can you see them on the top of his head?!

Branson has already had haircut number 2!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Branson's Blessing Day!

Bart blessed Branson on Sunday. Bart gave him a very nice blessing! Prior to the blessing, Bart and I were discussing what his name should really be. His full name is now Branson Bart Adams!

We appreciate all of the family support for his blessing. Those that attended from Bart’s side were: Grandpa Jack and Grandma JoAnn Turner; Mom and Dad Adams (Loyal and Tonia); Luke, Sabree, Oliver, and Jaylee (Julie was at home sick, she was missed!); Jake and Amy; Eli and Mandy; Uncle Ernie, Aunt Joan, and cousin Alex. Those that attended from my side were: Mom and Dad Broadbent (Carol and Joe); Vance, Cole, Lott; Alicia, George, Georgie, Maren, Todd, and Brynn; Ben and Erica; and Mary! We loved having everyone here! (Those of you that didn't come were missed!)

He really is an excellent baby. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. He falls asleep quickly in his bed and is happy when he is awake (unless he is ready to eat). He and I are both thriving on his routines! I feel very blessed to have this sweet boy as a part of our family.

Ellie, Mom, Gracie, Branson, Dad, Addie

Great Grandpa Turner, Branson, and Great-Grandma Turner

Grandma Tonia, Great-Grandpa Turner, Branson, Great-Grandma Turner, Dad-4 Generations!

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Carol, and Branson

Standing in Back: Bart, Branson, Lorna, Jake, Amy, Eli, Mandy, Luke, Oliver
Front: Tonia, Addie, Sabree, Ellie, Gracie, Loyal

I didn't think a whole lot about what pictures I wanted taken (aside from Grandparents/Great-Grandparents) until blogging. I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone there, sorry to those of you not pictured. Thank you Erica for being the official photographer for the day!


School started in August. Bart gave each of the girls a blessing prior to school starting, including Addie and me. It was a special evening for our family. I appreciate that Bart is a worthy priesthood holder.

Ellie has Miss Guillette for preschool.
Oliver, her cousin, is in the same class again this year. They are good little friends!
(I really should have zoomed in, oh well! I was just giving you a view of the school!)

Gracie is in First Grade with Miss Weight. She taught Bart in second grade!
I love having teachers for my girls that I know personally. We get to see both teachers at church regularly. I appreciate both of these women! They have sure made the transition for Gracie to all day 1st grade and Elementary school preschool for Ellie a lot easier (for them and for me. I can send my girls off to school having peace of mind that they are being well taken care of)!

Branson's hair

We have loved Branson's full head of hair since birth. He got many compliments on his hair, including the color. It was so fun to have a baby with so much hair! At two months old I finally insisted we cut his growing hair.

So, I guess the look on his face after the hair cut tells us what he thinks! :) He looks like a different baby, but we still love him to pieces!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Bear Lake

At the end of August we met up with some of my family at Bear Lake. We stayed at a newly purchased family cabin. It was fun to be together. The girls loved playing on the beach and in the water. It was a great time!

While at the lake, I stepped back from the moment and enjoyed the feeling of the day. I feel so blessed. My children were in heaven, while I felt a piece of heaven! They were having so much fun with uncles, the mud, the water. We were enjoying firsthand the blessings of family! My children have terrific uncles and aunts, Bart’s side and my side both! I am very thankful for them! They have fantastic grandparents and great-grandparents as well! Thank you to each of you!


Branson and Aunt Mary


Uncle Matt and Ellie digging a tomb

Cousin Philip, Ellie and Uncle Matt burying Gracie


Addie loving the sand

Isaac, Philip, and Lott

Cole and Uncle Nick

Uncle NJ, Branson and Aunt Mary

Ellie. I think this is such a sweet picture. The band-aid is from a bonk on the hearth earlier this morning.



Gracie is standing in the little pool that she and Uncle Nick made.

Uncle Nick was so sweet to help get the girls cleaned off after playing.

Older and Wiser!

Bart turned 34! He celebrated on a boys’ weekend trip to San Diego with two of his brothers, Eli and Luke. We celebrated as a family after he got home with a dinner made from scratch: tortillas, refried beans, Spanish rice, and corn on the cob. Bart requested chocolate cupcakes!

Am I Really Getting Older?

I am 31, however, I still feel like I am 21! For my birthday we combined work and pleasure. Branson, Bart and I went to Salt Lake on Friday and Saturday. Bart had meetings and an MRI scheduled for his shoulder. I had a good time visiting with Alisha (an old college friend) over lunch, and Elba while waiting for Bart. Bart, Branson, and I shopped and ate at Benihana’s (a first for both of us). We had a nice time. Bart’s parents watched our girls. It was nice to get away.

Ellie's 4 Year Birthday

Ellie turned 4 on August 9th. She is such a sweetie. We are so thankful for her sweet spirit and tender heart. She loves to help and tries hard to obey. She is a good big sister to Addie and Branson. She and Gracie have a lot of fun playing. Ellie loves puzzles. She is a great bike rider. She loves singing and dancing. She loves make-up and loves to help mom cook!

During Ellie's 2nd session of swimming lessons this summer, the lifeguard (one of Bart’s priests named Wade) noticed Ellie was underwater and not coming up. Wade got the attention of the teacher who got her out of the water! What a scary thing! We are so thankful for Ellie!
Ellie chose a castle birthday cake. Ellie and Gracie both wanted to help decorate her cake.

For Ellie's party she wanted to go swimming!
Addie, Dad, and Ellie
Addie, Devin, Sabree, Gracie, Oliver, Ellie, Aliya, Addison, and Paige
Ellie on the big sun
Sabree, Oliver, Paige, Addison, Ellie, Gracie (laying down in front)

More about the Summer

We attended the Cedar City Shakespearean Festival in July with my family. Bart and I traded off attending the plays and watching the kids. JoAnn, my sister, watched Branson during a play so Bart and I could attend one together while our girls were at the daycare. The girls had lots of fun swimming with the cousins. (We didn't take many pictures. This is my dad holding Branson.) Thank you Mom and Dad for the fun weekend!

My sister-in-law Julie's birthday was July 23rd and we were able to surprise her at an Orem Owl's game. In addition to Julie's family, Eli, Mandy, Loyal, and Tonia were also there.

Sabree and Gracie

Lorna, Sabree, Ellie (in back), Gracie and Eli

The kids had fun getting candy at the 24th of July Parade in Scipio. Oliver was hanging out with us for the day!

Grandma Adams, Oliver, Ellie, Addie, and Gracie

Our family: Dad, Branson, Gracie, Addie, Mom, Ellie

We also had a chance to go to the newly built Lodge in Wyoming for a weekend with my family. We saw lots of family, rode horses, played games, and explored outside. We had a lot of fun!

Cousin Ivan and Gracie