Monday, January 26, 2009

Our Girlie Girl!

This morning Addie was sporting another darling fashion! A backpack, a necklace, a phone, and a doll (of course) in her jammies! Then the Aurora dress-up (size 7-9 in girls) was fun for at least an hour! She was sad when Bart took it off for her to eat lunch!

A Major Bonk!

Addie is such a climber lately! Saturday evening she fell off of our counter height table which sent us to the ER. It was a deep gash, I could even see her skull (pretty gruesome, sorry)! She has 3 stitches on the inside layer and 5 on the surface! The hospital was, of course, traumatic but she did better than expected! Poor gal! She is still adorable!
Gracie had a really hard time with Addie being hurt! She felt so bad for Addie! Gracie let me know she said a prayer for Addie while she was in the waiting room with Ellie! What a terrific big sister!

FYI: I had NO idea that a numbing shot is given INSIDE the wound! That was AWFUL!
The picts are from Sunday morning. I thought Addie's kitchen sink baths were long over. Well, not quite!

Red Light Green Light

We had cousins over on Saturday and the kids had fun being together! Sabree, Oliver, and Jaylee’s parents were getting the last few things moved out and cleaned from their old house before moving into Fillmore! They will be living right around the corner from our house. The girls, especially Gracie, are thrilled to have them so close, she hasn't stopped talking about it since she heard!

Adorable Addie!

Addie has been so fun lately! She is talking really well (for a 20 month old) and making us smile a ton! On Saturday she was sporting her triple headband look that she LOVES. She also insisted on TWO belts over her shirt. It was quite fashionistic! :)

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost E-mail Addresses

Hello Friends,

There are quite a few e-mails I have lost over the last 6-9 months. I got a new laptop and didn't get all the info off my last computer. So if you haven't received an e-mail from me for a long time please e-mail me so I can have your current address. FYI: I'm not saying I'll e-mail you ALL the time because I have your address, I just want to make sure I have current info. :) Thanks!

Robyn, I don't have your e-mail or phone number anymore. Thanks for the Christmas note and pict.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

More News...

I just got sustained and set apart this week for a new calling. I am the Stake Primary President! This came to me as an ENORMOUS shock, this is the most shocked I have EVER been when receiving a calling, but I am excited to serve. I feel very good about this calling and know this is where I am supposed to be. The timing in all of this has been a great blessing. I met with the Stake Presidency before I even knew I was pregnant. Now I am finally past all the sickness (hopefully, it will last) and now is when this calling is official. I recognize this as a “Tender Mercy" from the Lord.

We Have News!

I am expecting baby number 4! I am now 15 weeks along, which makes my due date July 1st. At times I wondered if I would ever feel normal again. Just this week I am finally feeling well. Hooray!


We went to Evanston for the weekend after New Year’s. Matt, my brother, was there for the weekend also. He took us out snowmobiling. We had so much fun! It has been great seeing him so much lately. He is a great brother and uncle to the girls! He is a lot of fun! We had a great time!

Addie and Mom

Matt on the snowmobile pulling Gracie on the inner tube. She rode around for quite a while, having a good time.


Dad and Gracie

Thank you Matt!


We took the girls out sledding for the first time this season the weekend after Christmas. We had a great time! Gracie was really brave and went down the hill quite a few times all by herself. Ellie and Addie were more cautious but still enjoyed sledding!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas! Christmas Eve we enjoyed a yummy shrimp dinner, fish stick, baked potatoes and green beans prepared by Bart, served on our special dishes by candlelight! Everyone loved dinner! It sure is fun to sit down to eat a meal that everyone enjoys!

Then we dressed up and did the Nativity. Bart was Joseph, I was Mary, we used a baby doll for Jesus, Gracie was the Angel, Ellie and Addie were shepherds. Addie kept coming and getting baby Jesus from me. It was quite adorable! There was a sweet spirit in it all!

Then we let them open up their new pajamas, change, and get ready for a late night. We enjoyed eggnog and intended to let them stay up for a “late night” playing games, but by 8:15pm Ellie was almost asleep on my lap playing “Sorry“.

The first to wake up was Ellie at about 6am. We got the others up and went out to see what Santa had brought.

Notice the Jewelry, they all loved it!

We had a great Christmas morning. We headed to Scipio around lunchtime to spend time with Bart’s family. Loyal, Tonia, Luke, Julie, Sabree (6), Oliver (3), and Jaylee (1), Jake, and Amy were there! It was fun to spend time with family. The girls enjoyed the MANY gifts they received! We enjoyed visiting and playing the rest of the afternoon.

The guys worked on a puzzle for a few hours.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aurora at Home

Gracie was so excited to dress up as Aurora after we got home from our vacation. She even wanted me to do her bangs in a little roll like Aurora. She then sat down and allowed us to ask her questions, get her autograph and take her picture, one with Ellie and one with Addie. She was role-playing our interaction with the characters throughout our Disney Vacation. It was quite darling!

Christmas Disney Vacation! Part 2: The Cruise

We are traveling to the ship. Everyone pictured is related to us. Quite a few are missing, we had a total of 37 people with us!

This is Matt standing by a replica of our ship, the Disney Wonder.
Monday, the first full day of the cruise we stopped at Nassau, a Bahamas island. We checked the girls in to the Kid's Club on the ship and we caught a taxi with my mom and dad and toured around the city for 2 hours, did a little shopping and then returned to the ship. We enjoyed "Toy Story-the Musical" that evening. We didn't take any picts of Nassau. That night we got dressed up for the formal dinner. The girls looked darling in their dress-ups.

Tuesday, we stopped at Castaway Cay, the Disney Island! It was really fun to be on this Island. I ran in a 5K in the morning. We spent a good part of the day at the beach. The girls enjoyed themselves playing with cousins at the beach. We then hit "Bolt" a Disney movie in 3D on the ship. We really liked the movie! That evening we saw a very entertaining Ventriloquist. The girls are still quoting him.
Wednesday, we were on the ship the whole day, heading back to Orlando. We spent time in the pool. We watched High School Musical 3 the movie. We watched Disney Dreams...An Enchanted Classic on stage. We found the characters after the show. We saw all the princesses again plus others.

Gracie with Snow White!

Gracie was excited to see Minnie again!

Alice in Wonderland, accompanied by Wendy, from Peter Pan, sat and watched High School Musical 3 with our girls for a little while. It was cute to see them sit and enjoy the movie with our girls.

We ran into Aladdin in an empty hallway on the ship earlier on Wednesday. He stopped and sat down and talked to the girls for a few minutes. He was very kind. He encouraged us to find the characters later that night so the girls could see everyone. He remembered the girls when we saw him later that night, even after changing clothes. Once again, I was very impressed with a character.

The following pictures are of everyone in my family at dinner! Most of the neices and Erica, my sister-in-law got their hair braided in corn rows at some point during the trip. We sat at 4 tables near each other every night for dinner!

Will, Elayna, JoAnn, Bubba, Ivan, Ben, Erica, Candy

Isaac, Lott, Chester, George, Grandpa Joe (my Dad), Grandma Carol (my Mom), Mary, Nick, Jake

Bailey and Jayne

Ellie, Bart, Gracie, Lorna, George, Maren, Todd, Alicia

Ruby (in the carseat), Charlotte, Tyler, Bailey, Jayne, Vance, and Cole

We flew home on Thursday, December 18th. We had a really great time!
PS Bart was the photographer most of the time on the ship, that is why he isn't in very many pictures.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Disney Vacation!

Our Christmas season included a fantastic Disney Vacation! We flew to Orlando, Florida on Dec 10 with my WHOLE family (excluding one brother and our little Addie, and before you feel sorry for Addie, just know she received MUCH spoilage from Grandpa and Grandma Adams while we were gone). My parents gave us this trip as a Christmas present. We spent 3 1/2 days at Disney World and then 4 nights/5 days on a cruise. We had so much fun seeing the characters, especially the Princesses, Minnie, and Mickey. We loved the rides and the shows! It was great being with family on this great vacation! Thank you Mom and Dad for a great, once in a lifetime extended family vacation all about DISNEY! We flew home exactly one week before Christmas! The girls are sitting with their cousins in the Orlando Airport: Brynn, Ellie, Snow White, Gracie, and Maren. It was huge, our hotel for the first night in Orlando was INSIDE the airport!

DAY 1 at Disney World:Hollywood Studios

This was the first day at Disney World. It POURED on us for a couple hours. We got ponchos after we were soaked. Finally the rain stopped. It took a long time to dry off. You can see that Gracie's pants from the knees down are still wet.

This was a highlight for Gracie. She is obsessed with HSM. I am a little worried. Five years old seems a little young to be so obsessed with something like this!

We were waiting for the "Beauty and the Beast" stage show. We enjoyed a few other shows including Muppet's 3D, Fantasmic Firework show, The Little Mermaid, and more!!!
DAY 2: Magic Kingdom (an almost exactly the same as Disneyland)

They both were excited to see Belle. She was the first princess we saw!

Bart, Gracie, and Ellie standing in front of the Disney Castle!

Riding on the Teacups!

We rode on lots of rides including: Magic Carpet (Gracie's favorite), Dumbo, The Carousel, , It's a Small World, and Jungle River Ride! We watched Mickey's Philharmagic 3D show, it was the best 3D show!

DAY 3: Epcot Center

We ate at a buffet for breakfast. Minnie, Donald Duck, and Goofy stopped by to say hi! Ellie didn't know what to think of all the characters in FULL body costumes. She was the most comfortable with Minnie. Gracie really liked Minnie! Ellie was pretty comfortable with her too, I think Ellie was following Gracie's excitement.

Ellie and Gracie being eaten by a shark at the Nemo Exhibit.

We met my brother Will (his wife wasn't hungry so she chose to shop), and his kids, Chester, Bailey, and Elayna for lunch at the Akershus Royal Banquet Hall where the princesses came to visit with each table. All of the characters, the whole time, spent quality time with each child. I was very impressed. They gave them undivided attention and really made them feel important. I thought that was awesome!

The girls with Belle. They took this picture with Belle when we first went into the restaurant to be seated. Notice the girls clothes. We told them they could choose one dress-up while we were there to buy and that was their souvenir! Before Gracie told me what dress-up she wanted she informed me that it wasn't going to be modest and that she would wear clothes under it...she wanted Jasmine's dress-up! Ellie was excited with Cinderella's dress!

Ellie wouldn't let go of me at this point. If she was going to have a picture with a character, I had to be in it with her. Cousins Elayna and Bailey are on the right side of the picture.

Gracie, Aurora, Elayna, and Bailey

The girls again with Ariel! Jasmine also visited the table, but I cringe everytime I see the picture, she was definitely not modest.

It was fun to see the Princesses. Gracie had them all sign in her autograph book before taking the pictures (they signed in Ellie's too even though she would not get close to them). I think this lunch was one of the highlights for Gracie!

DAY 4: Animal Kingdom
Riding in the long many-passenger jeep, going on a Safari! We sure got bumped around on the dirt roads. It was quite funny!

My bro, Matt, standing by the tree lady. It took a minute for us to realize it was a lady covered in leaves as we were walking by her. Pretty crazy!
We saw the Circle of Life Lion King performance and a live bird show as well! Then we met up with the rest of my family that was catching the coach to take us to the SHIP!