Thursday, January 8, 2009

Christmas 2008

We had a great Christmas! Christmas Eve we enjoyed a yummy shrimp dinner, fish stick, baked potatoes and green beans prepared by Bart, served on our special dishes by candlelight! Everyone loved dinner! It sure is fun to sit down to eat a meal that everyone enjoys!

Then we dressed up and did the Nativity. Bart was Joseph, I was Mary, we used a baby doll for Jesus, Gracie was the Angel, Ellie and Addie were shepherds. Addie kept coming and getting baby Jesus from me. It was quite adorable! There was a sweet spirit in it all!

Then we let them open up their new pajamas, change, and get ready for a late night. We enjoyed eggnog and intended to let them stay up for a “late night” playing games, but by 8:15pm Ellie was almost asleep on my lap playing “Sorry“.

The first to wake up was Ellie at about 6am. We got the others up and went out to see what Santa had brought.

Notice the Jewelry, they all loved it!

We had a great Christmas morning. We headed to Scipio around lunchtime to spend time with Bart’s family. Loyal, Tonia, Luke, Julie, Sabree (6), Oliver (3), and Jaylee (1), Jake, and Amy were there! It was fun to spend time with family. The girls enjoyed the MANY gifts they received! We enjoyed visiting and playing the rest of the afternoon.

The guys worked on a puzzle for a few hours.

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