Monday, January 5, 2009

Christmas Disney Vacation! Part 2: The Cruise

We are traveling to the ship. Everyone pictured is related to us. Quite a few are missing, we had a total of 37 people with us!

This is Matt standing by a replica of our ship, the Disney Wonder.
Monday, the first full day of the cruise we stopped at Nassau, a Bahamas island. We checked the girls in to the Kid's Club on the ship and we caught a taxi with my mom and dad and toured around the city for 2 hours, did a little shopping and then returned to the ship. We enjoyed "Toy Story-the Musical" that evening. We didn't take any picts of Nassau. That night we got dressed up for the formal dinner. The girls looked darling in their dress-ups.

Tuesday, we stopped at Castaway Cay, the Disney Island! It was really fun to be on this Island. I ran in a 5K in the morning. We spent a good part of the day at the beach. The girls enjoyed themselves playing with cousins at the beach. We then hit "Bolt" a Disney movie in 3D on the ship. We really liked the movie! That evening we saw a very entertaining Ventriloquist. The girls are still quoting him.
Wednesday, we were on the ship the whole day, heading back to Orlando. We spent time in the pool. We watched High School Musical 3 the movie. We watched Disney Dreams...An Enchanted Classic on stage. We found the characters after the show. We saw all the princesses again plus others.

Gracie with Snow White!

Gracie was excited to see Minnie again!

Alice in Wonderland, accompanied by Wendy, from Peter Pan, sat and watched High School Musical 3 with our girls for a little while. It was cute to see them sit and enjoy the movie with our girls.

We ran into Aladdin in an empty hallway on the ship earlier on Wednesday. He stopped and sat down and talked to the girls for a few minutes. He was very kind. He encouraged us to find the characters later that night so the girls could see everyone. He remembered the girls when we saw him later that night, even after changing clothes. Once again, I was very impressed with a character.

The following pictures are of everyone in my family at dinner! Most of the neices and Erica, my sister-in-law got their hair braided in corn rows at some point during the trip. We sat at 4 tables near each other every night for dinner!

Will, Elayna, JoAnn, Bubba, Ivan, Ben, Erica, Candy

Isaac, Lott, Chester, George, Grandpa Joe (my Dad), Grandma Carol (my Mom), Mary, Nick, Jake

Bailey and Jayne

Ellie, Bart, Gracie, Lorna, George, Maren, Todd, Alicia

Ruby (in the carseat), Charlotte, Tyler, Bailey, Jayne, Vance, and Cole

We flew home on Thursday, December 18th. We had a really great time!
PS Bart was the photographer most of the time on the ship, that is why he isn't in very many pictures.


Whitni said...

Love the pictures! I used to babysit quite a few of your nephews. It is fun to see how they have grown and your daughters are so cute!

Karen said...

What a fantastic trip! Every little girls dream come true.