Thursday, January 15, 2009

Lost E-mail Addresses

Hello Friends,

There are quite a few e-mails I have lost over the last 6-9 months. I got a new laptop and didn't get all the info off my last computer. So if you haven't received an e-mail from me for a long time please e-mail me so I can have your current address. FYI: I'm not saying I'll e-mail you ALL the time because I have your address, I just want to make sure I have current info. :) Thanks!

Robyn, I don't have your e-mail or phone number anymore. Thanks for the Christmas note and pict.


Jen said...

Hey girl. I invited you to my blog. I did the noonrock address is that correct? If so let me know and I'll email you to make sure you have my email too. :) Otherwise get me your email on my blog and then I'll delete it. :) Ok. Thanks!

koby said...

Hey Lorna, I'd love to reconnect. After high school I haven't been able to stay in touch like I have wanted to. This blog thing makes it a bit easier. Anyway shoot me an email