Monday, January 26, 2009

A Major Bonk!

Addie is such a climber lately! Saturday evening she fell off of our counter height table which sent us to the ER. It was a deep gash, I could even see her skull (pretty gruesome, sorry)! She has 3 stitches on the inside layer and 5 on the surface! The hospital was, of course, traumatic but she did better than expected! Poor gal! She is still adorable!
Gracie had a really hard time with Addie being hurt! She felt so bad for Addie! Gracie let me know she said a prayer for Addie while she was in the waiting room with Ellie! What a terrific big sister!

FYI: I had NO idea that a numbing shot is given INSIDE the wound! That was AWFUL!
The picts are from Sunday morning. I thought Addie's kitchen sink baths were long over. Well, not quite!


Lance and Sally Sagers said...

Poor poor girl, that is so sad. I hate when my kids get hurt! She is still such a doll though.And Ellie is probably the sweetest little girl I have ever met.

Lance and Sally Sagers said...

Well, I meant Gracie is sweet but who can choose, they all are darling.

valerie said...

We've had a similar ER visit and it was HORRIBLE!!! I am glad she is ok though...such cute girls!