Sunday, May 24, 2009

Easter...a little late but still blog-worthy

We had a really nice Easter weekend. Thursday Bart took work off early and our young family drove up to Salt Lake. We had a lot of fun swimming, riding Trax, visiting Temple Square, and watching “Hannah Montana The Movie. ” We drove home on Friday evening.

Saturday morning there was an Easter egg hunt in town.
We had an Easter lesson Saturday night about Christ with the girls.
Sunday morning they woke up to Easter baskets, hidden eggs, and outside toys from Bart and me.

Sunday was a great highlight! Our ward started earlier and was shortened due to a special Manti Temple Devotional, scheduled specifically for our stake. We received permission from the First Presidency to use the Priesthood room in the Manti Temple and have a devotional. It was a great experience to be united with the temple recommend holding members from our stake. The Spirit was there. We really enjoyed the meeting! It was a great blessing to have been in attendance. It was really motivating! A large thank you to Bart's parents for watching our girls!

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