Sunday, May 24, 2009

Jake and Amy's Wedding!

Bart's brother, Jake married Amy on April 25th in St George, Utah. It was located at the Ledges Clubhouse. They have been together for at least a year and a half. It has been fun to get to know Amy! Welcome to the family, Amy! Congratulations Jake and Amy! (I realize now that I did not get a good picture of them.) This is Bart's parents, Loyal and Tonia with the bride and groom!

It was fun to see Bart's brothers all together. Eli and Mandy live in New Mexico so we don't see them very often.

I was really excited for great weather. However, the weather wasn't looking so great as the time for the wedding got closer. I purchased sweaters for the girls and my neices, last minute, right before the wedding. Good thing I did, the outdoor wedding was freezing! I was really feeling bad for Amy, she really had to have been freezing!

After the ceremony, we went inside the clubhouse for a snack, dinner followed and then dancing with a live band and all the other celebrating!

Sabree, a cousin!

Oliver, another cousin. Sabree, Oliver, Jaylee, and their parents, Luke and Julie, live right around the corner from us. It is sure fun to have them close!

My sister-in-law Julie and me. I sure appreciate her friendship!

They totally thought about the kids at this shin-dig, I was not surprised seeing how Amy's mom is the owner of a large preschool/day care and Amy has worked there for years! They had a lower table covered with butcher paper and crayons laid out. There were jelly belly/lollipop centerpieces for the kids to nibble on. It was really nice for all the kiddies that attended.

The weather turned really nice a little later on in the evening. We enjoyed being outside for part of the evening!

Disclaimer: I realize that I am not a great photographer. I guess the more bad picts I see the more inspired I am getting to want to be better. I have a sports setting on the camera that takes picts back to back quickly, but it seems to make them a little blurry, I guess I will stop using that setting trying to get the perfect looks on my girls' faces and just take what I can get.

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