Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Little Guy is Here!

Monday, June 22 was delivery day for our "little guy" I called him that until Tuesday he is going by Branson B. (after MANY hours of trying to name him). I am so thankful for little Branson already! He was born at 2:19pm, was 19 inches, and 7 lbs 12 oz. I am thankful for a perfect little babe (with a hiccup, keep reading)!

Everything went great! We had an awesome labor and delivery nurse, thanks Kristen!

Loyal and Tonia, Bart's parents, brought the girls to see Branson just after the delivery. They were so sweet and very excited! Addie was very excited to hold him, she went right over to a chair, sat down, and held out her arms saying "hoed it, hoed it."

Tuesday morning they checked Branson's bilirubin levels for jaundice, it was 14, at 20 it can be really scary. He's been under the lights, except for nursing, since about 10:00am yesterday. His levels dropped a little and then went up a little. Today is discharge day, but he has to stay in the hospital tonight under the lights. He will be tested again tomorrow to see how he is doing. The hospital has made arrangements for us to stay in the hospital to be with him (we are quite a ways from home).

This is Branson sleeping under the lights, check out the cool glasses! Two of our girls have had jaundice, but I hadn't felt as much of a concern from the pediatrician as I have with Branson. I am thankful for technology to make this better!

Thanks for all the support from family and friends, ie phone calls, visits, etc!

Bart drove home to get some work done this afternoon and will return tonight. Our girls are being well taken care of by Bart's parents (except I did hear about sunburns from yesterday :) ).

So, with ALL of my free time hanging out in the hospital I thought I would post. This is crazy, to not have kids around needing my time and help. I am thankful for a laptop and wireless access to make a quiet, lonely room somewhat homey...with music and the internet. I should probably be sleeping, but I don't feel tired.

Father's Day

The girls made a tie for dad to wear to church. The girls did a great job! Their cousins, Sabree and Oliver, made one for their dad. Then the four older grandkids helped make Grandpa's. The guys sported the ties well! They turned out really cute.
Thanks Bart for being a great dad to the girls! I love you!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Gracie finished her first tee ball season. It was a lot of fun to go and watch her. She is excited to be involved.

Ellie and Gracie took swimming lessons. Ellie did not even get in the water the first day. By day two, after lots of talking about it, she got in the water. By the end of the two week session she would put her head under and she even PASSED!

Gracie did awesome. She passed her class too! She loves swimming!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Surgery #2

Bart had a second surgery on his shoulder, just over 2 weeks ago. The surgery was a total opposite from the first. Everything seemed to be better. We have been very optimistic. The healing has been really good, until the last couple of days, he has been hurting pretty bad again. Hopefully he will be back to normal soon.
They went in and cleaned up some loose cartilage and smoothed off the clavical a little more. The incision is healing really well.
Even though he isn't feeling super great, he is still doing quite a bit to help me out...which I really appreciate...the baby is coming REALLY soon.

Preschool Graduation

Ellie finished 3 year old preschool. She was a great little student! Her teacher said that you could not tell she was the youngest in the class. She loves school. She really enjoyed having her cousin, Oliver, in her class.

Oliver is on the left of Ellie.

Ellie walking away after getting her diploma. Ollie receiving his.

Ellie knows all of her letters and sounds (excluding 2). She has learned a lot this year. She writes her name quite well and is great at coloring! (Within the last couple months, there was a picture that she had colored that was surprisingly not Gracie's. Ellie pays attention to detail when coloring.)

Kindergarten Program

Every year the Elementary School does a program. All of the grades participate. The children spend a lot of time practicing the songs and the dances. Each grade does a dance, the children sing songs in between the dances. It really is a darling program!

This year the kindergarten did a Mexican dance, the children got a poncho and danced with maracas. Gracie was on the front row, she did an awesome job. She loves the spotlight!

Gracie sitting by her best guy friend-Porter Wright.

Ellie and I were waiting for the program to start.

Grandpa Adams and Addie after the program.

Cousin Sabree, Grandma Adams, and Gracie. Sabree was in the first graders dance.

(No pictures of Bart, he was the photographer.)