Monday, September 14, 2009

Branson's Blessing Day!

Bart blessed Branson on Sunday. Bart gave him a very nice blessing! Prior to the blessing, Bart and I were discussing what his name should really be. His full name is now Branson Bart Adams!

We appreciate all of the family support for his blessing. Those that attended from Bart’s side were: Grandpa Jack and Grandma JoAnn Turner; Mom and Dad Adams (Loyal and Tonia); Luke, Sabree, Oliver, and Jaylee (Julie was at home sick, she was missed!); Jake and Amy; Eli and Mandy; Uncle Ernie, Aunt Joan, and cousin Alex. Those that attended from my side were: Mom and Dad Broadbent (Carol and Joe); Vance, Cole, Lott; Alicia, George, Georgie, Maren, Todd, and Brynn; Ben and Erica; and Mary! We loved having everyone here! (Those of you that didn't come were missed!)

He really is an excellent baby. He started sleeping through the night at 7 weeks. He falls asleep quickly in his bed and is happy when he is awake (unless he is ready to eat). He and I are both thriving on his routines! I feel very blessed to have this sweet boy as a part of our family.

Ellie, Mom, Gracie, Branson, Dad, Addie

Great Grandpa Turner, Branson, and Great-Grandma Turner

Grandma Tonia, Great-Grandpa Turner, Branson, Great-Grandma Turner, Dad-4 Generations!

Grandpa Joe, Grandma Carol, and Branson

Standing in Back: Bart, Branson, Lorna, Jake, Amy, Eli, Mandy, Luke, Oliver
Front: Tonia, Addie, Sabree, Ellie, Gracie, Loyal

I didn't think a whole lot about what pictures I wanted taken (aside from Grandparents/Great-Grandparents) until blogging. I wish I had gotten a picture of everyone there, sorry to those of you not pictured. Thank you Erica for being the official photographer for the day!


sarahblad said...

He is so cute, and you look great!!!

Robert and Kristen said...

I am taking my blog private and I want to make sure I have your correct email address. I moderate my comments so just leave a comment on my blog and that would be great.