Sunday, September 13, 2009

Ellie's 4 Year Birthday

Ellie turned 4 on August 9th. She is such a sweetie. We are so thankful for her sweet spirit and tender heart. She loves to help and tries hard to obey. She is a good big sister to Addie and Branson. She and Gracie have a lot of fun playing. Ellie loves puzzles. She is a great bike rider. She loves singing and dancing. She loves make-up and loves to help mom cook!

During Ellie's 2nd session of swimming lessons this summer, the lifeguard (one of Bart’s priests named Wade) noticed Ellie was underwater and not coming up. Wade got the attention of the teacher who got her out of the water! What a scary thing! We are so thankful for Ellie!
Ellie chose a castle birthday cake. Ellie and Gracie both wanted to help decorate her cake.

For Ellie's party she wanted to go swimming!
Addie, Dad, and Ellie
Addie, Devin, Sabree, Gracie, Oliver, Ellie, Aliya, Addison, and Paige
Ellie on the big sun
Sabree, Oliver, Paige, Addison, Ellie, Gracie (laying down in front)

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