Monday, September 14, 2009


School started in August. Bart gave each of the girls a blessing prior to school starting, including Addie and me. It was a special evening for our family. I appreciate that Bart is a worthy priesthood holder.

Ellie has Miss Guillette for preschool.
Oliver, her cousin, is in the same class again this year. They are good little friends!
(I really should have zoomed in, oh well! I was just giving you a view of the school!)

Gracie is in First Grade with Miss Weight. She taught Bart in second grade!
I love having teachers for my girls that I know personally. We get to see both teachers at church regularly. I appreciate both of these women! They have sure made the transition for Gracie to all day 1st grade and Elementary school preschool for Ellie a lot easier (for them and for me. I can send my girls off to school having peace of mind that they are being well taken care of)!

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