Sunday, November 22, 2009

November Update

We are plugging along at our house. It seems we have only had one week of good health since school started. Branson is five months old today! He is growing like crazy. We feel so blessed to have such a sweet fella! The girls are loving their little brother.

Life is busy. I feel like I am treading water with the household responsibilities. Finding time to blog is getting harder and harder.

I am enjoying the tender mercies! The other day Gracie came home from school while everyone else was still sleeping. We just talked. I really enjoyed being able to focus on her. I kept thinking "this is fun. This is what it is all about!" I loved that time we spent together. I truly love being a wife and a mother! I am so thankful for my life. I appreciate Bart's love and support with the responsibilities I have. I love each of my children and I am so thankful for the sweetness each adds to our family.

Ellie LOVES to do puzzles ALL of the time! I enjoy helping her when possible. Two year old Addie tries to help out but isn't as much help as she'd like to be.

While I was nursing Branson (notice the bundle in my lap), I noticed everyone was climbing up on the chair while I read. It was a sweet experience. There are such sweet experiences as a mother!

We went to Logan in September for Ag Day with my family. The girls were excited about the suitcases as I was getting prepared to pack.

Addie in the small suitcase
Ellie in the large suitcase!

Cousin Charlotte, Aunt Erica, Gracie, Mom, Ellie, and Branson


Branson sucking his thumb. It doesn't happen much, but it was sure sweet when I noticed!
Gracie insists on tormenting him with girl stuff. She did his hair in yellow hair things, can you see them on the top of his head?!

Branson has already had haircut number 2!


Jen said...

Your kids are so beautiful. Wow, they grow so fast. love ya

Our Family said...

How the heck can Branson already have two haircuts!!! My girls are almost 2 and they haven't even had one :) Cute pictures!!!!

Robert and Kristen said...

So much fun to see your family! We really need to get together sometime!

April Hutchins said...

Your family is so cute! I have to agree, even though I only have 1 right now I love being a mother and being able to be there for all of the new things with Gibson. And Branson 2 hair cuts, I think he needs to donate some of that hair to mine! Ha ha

sarahblad said...

You have such a cute little family!!

Penny said...

Housework will always wait, kids won't. Let the dishes sit but don't quit blogging. Branson is a boy version of Ellie, I think anyways.