Monday, January 31, 2011

Gracie's Sunday

Gracie (seven years old) was super excited to sing in Sacrament meeting yesterday. She and her friend Felicity sang "Scripture Power" and did a really good job! The two girls were asked to sing their song again in Primary! Gracie also volunteered to give a talk at the beginning of Primary for the absent person assigned. She gave a great talk, spur of the moment. She talked about the Tree of Life and that the fruit must be even better than a nectarine, her favorite fruit. She talked about the Iron Rod and that she loves the song “The Iron Rod.” It is fun to see (or hear about-I went home sick with two kiddos after Sacrament meeting) defining moments of their knowledge and testimony.

In addition to these events on Sunday, she also invited a friend to come to church with us that hasn't been coming. Wow, a missionary, too!

I am thankful for the things I learn from Gracie!


Signe said...

We all loved her song in sacrament mtg! Kregan actually held still and listened to the whole thing.

Maridee said...

I'm going to miss you and your sweet girls! Come see us when you come up this way!! I feel like we just starting becoming good friends right when we were moving, hopefully we'll get to see you when we visit Fillmore. Gracie did awesome on Sunday, as you could tell by my tears. She is a very talented girl. Love you guys!

Lorna Adams said...