Sunday, March 6, 2011

Our Oldest is Eight!

This weekend was full of fun! Gracie turned 8 on Friday, March 4th. We had lots of fun heading to Nephi for dinner at Taco Time and the "Gnomeo and Juliet" movie, Gracie's request. Ellie and three of Gracie's friends joined Bart and me. Branson and Addie stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Adams.

(Gracie, Hailey, Heidi, Malia, and Ellie in front)

Saturday, a lot of family and friends came to see Gracie get baptized and confirmed. The love we feel with family support is awesome! Primary teachers, leaders, members of the Bishopric and others came as well. It was a special day!

Gracie and Dad

Great Grandma and Grandpa Turner

Grandma Adams, Charlotte, Gracie, and Grandpa Adams

From Top to Bottom: Sabree, Gracie, Charlotte, Brynn, and Addie

(Taking pictures got old to Gracie quite quickly. We have more picts than I've posted, but I would have liked to have even more with a happy girl.)

With all the celebrating, we didn't end up singing to her with candles until Sunday!
What a great weekend! We are thankful for Gracie being a part of our family! During the baptism Bart gave a spotlight on Gracie, he mentioned the light others told us she has had from early on in her life. She has a special spirit.
The idea was introduced to me from my visiting teacher, Lori, that maybe one of the reasons we have such strong spirited children is because of this being the last days, we need strong spirits to withstand Satan and his influences. Gracie has a strong testimony already. She has a lot of faith and knows the Savior loves her.
Other things about Gracie: she is an avid reader, loves to learn, tumble, dance, and sing.